GEMA showcased its holographic technology, highlighting its potential in journalism and entertainment.

At the “JN Somos Liberdade” conference held at Casa da Música in Porto, GEMA showcased its groundbreaking holographic technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionize fields such as journalism and entertainment. This innovative solution enables realistic, three-dimensional interactions over long distances.

Manuel Molinos, the digital editorial director at Global Media Group, participated in a holographic demonstration, illustrating the transformative power of this technology in communication. Molinos emphasized that holograms can create more engaging content and facilitate interactions without the need for physical presence.

GEMA’s technology represents a fusion of light and digital imaging, producing lifelike representations of people and objects from afar. This capability not only opens up new possibilities for remote interviews but also enhances events like music festivals, where immersive experiences are essential.

GEMA’s participation in this technological showcase underscores the company’s significant contribution to the evolution of communication and media.

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